Air ticket to Australia

In Vietnam, there are 2 major airports serving passengers with low-cost flights to Australia, including Tan Bai Nhat and Noi Bai airports.

With the nonstop flights from Hanoi to Australia, you can choose Sydney or Melbourne as your destination. If you have any questions regarding visa, passport and travelling suggestions related to Australia, please call us at 1900 0310 for answers.

607 airports have been operated in Australia. The five most well-known airports are Sydney (Kingsford Smith) Airport, Melbourne Airport, Brisbane Airport, Adelaide Airport and Perth Airport.

The flights to Australia often take 12 hours (excluding transit time). Please contact Beetours to buy international plane tickets. 

Required procedures for entering Australia

In addition to passport, most people leaving for Australia have to be provided with an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) by Australian Embassy.

Please call us at 1900 0310 to be advised on requisites for getting a visa (a visa often cost $100).

Baggage and things to know when traveling to Australia

The most difficult part of each trip is how to put your whole life into a suitcase to travel to a new land. Thus, you must be confused about what should and shouldn’t be brought because only 7 kilogram carry-on and 20 kilogram check-in baggage are allowed.

The majority of people travelling to Australia are overseas students and their relatives. For the first time entering Australia, you should make careful preparation and equip with as much knowledge as possible.

You should bring the following things

Local currency: you should convert Vietnam dong to Australian dollar.

Clothes: You should do a research about the temperature in the city you are coming to to carry appropriate clothes. In general, Australia is located in the temperate zone with the sunshine slanting throughout the year. Therefore, summer and fall/winter outfits are necessary.

Legal documents: passport, local currency, visa must be always brought with you. You shouldn’t put them in check-in baggage to avoid being lost or stolen.

You should have a map of Australia to obtain a general picture of where you are travelling to.

Places of interest in Australia

When it comes to Australia, the Sydney Opera House is certainly the first destination that springs to most people’s minds. Every year, a number of people book flights to Australia to visit this spectacular architecture. This is regarded as the symbol of Australia.

Besides, there are a lot of well-known attractions such as Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Qualia resort on Hamilton island, Sydney harbor, Queensland beach, Rottnest island, etc.

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