Air ticket to Canada

In Vietnam, there are two airports namely Noi Bai International Airport and Tan Son Nhat International Airport providing flights from Vietnam to Canada.

A great number of flag carriers such as Vietnam Airlines, China Southern Airlines, United Airlines, Pacific Airlines, ANA All Nippon, American Airlines, Evar Air have launched services to Canada. To obtain a low-cost ticket to Canada, please contact Beetours Vietnam.

It takes 16-18 hours (including transit time) to fly from Vietnam to Canada. Please contact Beetours to get the best support.

For those who have left for Canada for the first time, it is important to choose Vietnam Airlines due to its cheapest flight and transiting at Taipei. The ticket price for economy class ranges from $700 to $800.

Canadian immigration procedures

For tourism, Canada is rather strict to grant travellers with visa. Obtaining visa for Canada is as difficult as for the U.S.; however, there is a difference in the way of issuing visa. The embassy of Canada does not give visa by direct interview but looks into dossiers.

It takes a lot of time to review the dossiers, so it is highly recommended that you should submit your dossier one or two months in advance if you have already planned to visit Canada. You can also call us at 1900 0301 to get free support and instruction of all procedures.

The best time to book flights to Canada

At first, you should have a sound knowledge about Canada. It is highly recommended to visit Canada in spring or autumn because they are the most naturally typical seasons in Canada.

In the summer, the temperature may be up to 35 degree C, while it can be only -25 degree C in the winter. If you come to Canada in the winter, you will definitely have to bring warm clothes and accessories to join and experience the most exciting recreational activities in this country.

In terms of local currency, visitors to Canada are allowed to carry no more than $3,000. If the amount is exceeded, visitors have to report it to the authorities. Therefore, we suggest that you should bring visa or credit cards because many places allow paying by these cards.

Regarding baggage, necessary items such as clothes or personal hygiene items should be put into check-in baggage, whereas identity documents and money must not be because they may be lost or stolen.

Beetours - a reputable airline ticket agency in Hanoi

Today, there are a lot of agencies selling low-cost plane tickets to Canada provided by different flag carriers.

It is not easy to find a reliable agency fulfilling international standards. Many people tend to buy plane tickets on the Internet at agencies recommended.

The best advice is that you should go to headquarter of the agency. With more than ten years of working in aviation, we are confident about our understanding of the aviation and our best support when you want to book ticket to Canada. 

Experience in purchasing one-way and return tickets to Canada provided by Vietnam Airlines

If you want to know every information about procedures, ticket price and schedule, please call us at 1900 0310 at any time. You will get wholehearted support even if you have not had demand for buying ticket or you just ask to know.

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