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What is the special thing to make people fall in passionate love with Da Lat? Da Lat is famous for the colorfulness of flowers, amusement parks and natural beauty. That’s why Da Lat is always chosen as one of the most perfect destinations by both domestic and foreign tourists.

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A brief overview

Da Lat is located in Lam Dong province, lying on the Lam Vien Plateau belonging to the Central Highlands of Vietnam and it is belovedly called “The City of Flowers”, “The City of Pines”, “The City of Fog” or “Little Paris (Le Petit Paris in French)”. Its total area in 2007 is 394.64 square kilometers with a population of 226,976 and the population density of 575 persons per square kilometers. 

Having economic resources and enormous strengths in tourism, Da Lat is the center of politics, economy and culture of Lam Dong province.

What is the best time to travel to Da Lat?

The weather in Da Lat is comfortably cool and fresh all year round so it is suitable to travel to Da Lat in every single season. Just arrange your own schedule. However, it is said that the best time is from July to September because you will have a chance to experience warm air with patchy fog covering its poetic scenery. Come to the plantation and take the whole view of Da Lat city at dawn in the most beautiful photos. 

What is the best means of transport to travel to Da Lat?

If you are in Hanoi, Sai Gon and Da Nang, there are currently nonstop flights to Da Lat operated by Vietnam Airlines and Vietjet Air. You should spend a few minutes on ticket hunting during sales period to save airfare.

Must-see destinations

You can choose the favorite places depending on your own schedule. Da Lat is so picturesque that everyone wishes to have a chance to visit and embrace the whole beauty. It is the city of glamour which cannot be completely portrayed in pictures. You must go to see this breathtaking beauty with your own eyes. We would like to introduce you some popular destinations for reference.

Tuyet tinh coc Da Lat

Looking like a turquoise stone of granite in the middle of a forgotten forest, Tuyet tinh coc is famous for the enchanting jade.  It is one of the most beautiful attractions suitable for young travelers who love to adventure and explore.

Hoa Son Dien Trang

Called “Peaceful green oasis in the middle of Da Lat”,  Hoa Son Dien Trang is enormously popular for the beauty of the highlands with the birds twittering, the murmuring of the stream and the whistle of pine trees. Especially, the giant Buddha’s hand is an ideal place for fascinating check-in photos.

Sunny Farm

Da Lat is always the country of green farms and charming. Millions of grass and flowers are growing to collect sunshine and fog at dawn and blossoming to make Da Lat full of colors. The Farm is the home for storing, breeding and planting various types of flowers so it is the favorite destination for many young people to admire the stunning beauty of sunflowers, glowing red maple leaves or pink cherry-blossom flowers.

Mount Lang Biang

Lang Biang is called the “roof” of Da Lat. Standing on the top of the mountain, you can see The Golden Stream, Silver Stream or the marvelous panorama of Da Lat surrounded by patchy fog. You may feel like as if you can touch the cloud. This is an ideal place for adventurous activities such as mountain climbing, conquering high peaks. Lang Biang is also highly recommended if you would like to take a picnic and enjoy the coldness of a mountain town.

Besides, there are many impressive attractions such as Da Lat Market, Cau Dat tea plantation, Windmill cake shop, Da Lat Cathedral (Da Lat Chicken Church) or clay village.

Food and Accommodation


Apart from spectacular natural charms, unique delicious dishes prepared by good cooks also keep tourists reminding about Da Lat. They are made with a full of colors, a strong spicy and greasy flavor of chillies, the faint aroma of fresh raw vegetables. In Da Lat, hot pot is the most favorite dish. The following is the list of some popular foods in Da Lat: Beef hot pot, Chicken hot pot with basil leaves, Com nieu (clay pot rice), La chuoi rice – Vietnamese cuisine, Banh uot long ga (steamed rice paper with chicken intestine), Com ga (chicken rice), Oc nhoi thit (snails stuffed with minced pork), Banh trang nuong (grilled rice paper), Bun rieu (crab noodles). 


In Da Lat, there are a large number of quality hotels. They are favorable accommodations for travelling which are all tidy, full of service, adequately equipped with modern furniture and free WIFI access, and served at reasonable prices. You can refer some hotels such as Thanh thao Hotel, La Sapinette Hotel, River Prince Hotel or Saphir Dalat Hotel.

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