Air ticket to France

If you are planning to leave for France, you need to get passport and visa. If you are planning to buy low-cost plane ticket to France, you should contact our Beetours to obtain the most reasonable ticket. If you are an overseas student, please call us at 1900 0310 to get 5% discount.

When visiting France, you are immersing yourself in a country of great wonders. Let learn more this magnificent, fashionable and romantic country with Beetours.

With first destination, if you have booked ticket to France, you will have the chance to visit the massive Effiel tower, Arc de Triomphe and Louvres museum and enjoy contemporary artworks.

Next, let experience the coldness of Clermont-Ferrand where the mountains are fully covered by snow. You can learn to go skiing right here or reach the Mediterranean sea to see big sand hills, enjoy white beaches, taste mouthwatering dishes and sip each glass of famous wine.

Then, let visit Albi and Toulouse where lie unique architectures by slow-moving river.

Go along Atlantique harbor in which yachts are cruising on.

When pay a visit to France, you must come over ancient castles where bear the marks of hundreds of years ago. Walking in these castles can make you feel like the kings in the past. Let book flights to France to undergo enjoyable experience.

Unlike domestic flights, the price for ticket to France is relatively high. Therefore, you should know whether the tax is included. As requested by airlines, tax is informed in advanced and paid together with ticket. We always give you advice. If there are any costs (such as cost related to luggage) incurred, we will inform and ask you before issuing the ticket.

For those who have never been to France, immigration procedures can be confusing. Don’t be too worried because Beetours’ staffs will help you out. We always try to make your trip successful and memorable. With years of our experience, you can be assured of booking tickets at Beetours.

If you are still unclear about the information after the ticket is book, please go to headquater of Beetours or call us at 1900 0310. Our agents are on hand 24/24 to provide you the best services. Information about your visa expiration date and required papers is sent to you one month before expiration date.

The best time to visit France

Spring is the best moment to book flights to France. If you want to enjoy green watered sea and sunshine, May is a good choice. February, March, July and June are the time when city people have five weeks off, so cities are a little bit less crowded.

The most spectacular cities of France

France is a country of magnificence and love with well-known cities such as Paris - The City of Light, Bordeaux - The City of Wine, Bourges - The former capital, Cannes - the host city of the annual Cannes Film Festival, Lyon - The ancient city since ancient Rome, Marseille - The main city of the historical province of Provence, etc. Each city has it own unique history, culture, cuisine and scenery.

Experience in purchasing one-way and returns tickets to France provided  by Vietnam Airlines

Many Vietnamese airlines have launched services to France. It is very easy to book tickets to France. Thanks to prestigious airline ticket agencies, extensive procedures have been eliminated. You are just required to provide some personal information. We support customers in procedures for booking online tickets on the website from many domestic and international carriers including Vietnam Airlines. Tickets to France sell by Vietnam Airlines will provide you the best trip. So, don’t hesitate to book tickets to France at Beetours to come to this magnificent and romantic country.

How much does a plane ticket to France cost?

Everyday, there are hundreds of flights from Vietnam to France, so you are offered a large number of options for flag carrier, flight time, etc. Airfares vary continuously based on flight time, airline and incentives. You should do careful search in order to purchase a reasonable ticket. The price for a plane ticket to France ranges from 7 million to 20 million Vietnam dong; however, most of the carriers provide incentives. If you purchase a ticket at golden hours, it only costs 0 or 3,000 Vietnam dong.

The price for a ticket to France can vary from one or more than one million Vietnam dong depending on the departing time and airlines. Thus, you should soon choose reliable airline ticket agency, ask for help from agents to pick out the best airline and soon book ticket. Beetours Vietnam is the official agency of 72 local and international airlines providing low-cost plane tickets to France. Let contact us to be consulted about the plane ticket to France via the website or at 1900 0310.

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