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Booking cheap flight ticket to Japan, comparing prices, flight schedule and times, choosing a nonstop or connecting flight, you'll find precisely what you need right here. If you have any other further concerns on visa/passport application procedure or destination suggestions, please call us at 1900 0310. Beetours is on hand to serve and support you 24/7.

Airport information to Japan:

There are 96 airports in Japan and the following 5 airports are major: Narita, Kansai, Tokyo, Chitose and Fukuoka.

Nonstop flights from Tan Son Nhat International Airport and Noi Bai International Airport to Japan are now provided in Vietnam. The Vietnam-Japan (Tokyo, Osaka) route can operate with a flight time of 6 hours and a half.

Beetours is pleased to help you book the best flight tickets from Da Nang for your trip to Japan.

Airlines to Japan:

In order to better meet the growing demand for air travel from international students, tourists or businessmen, airlines is taking maximum advantage of direct routes to Japan. Major airlines offering international flight tickets to Japan are as follows:

The Hanoi – Tokyo route: Singapore Air and Vietnam Airlines can operate on a daily basis with airfare range from 350 USD to 600 USD.

The Ho Chi Minh City – Tokyo route: It is mainly provided by Vietnam Airlines, Singapore Air and Philippines Airlines at 300 – 600 USD.

The fare can be readily adaptable to the season and airlines.

You can also search and compare ticket prices from other airlines such as China Eastern Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Thai Airways, Vietnam Airlines, Korean Air, Japan Airlines, Delta Airlines.

Each airline may offer different prices and schedules. Therefore, for further information, please feel free to contact us at 1900 0310. Our air ticket service team will be available any time for any flight booking assistance.

Necessary procedures for travelling to Japan:

Any Vietnamese wanting to visit Japan must go to the Japanese Embassy or Consulate General to obtain a visa prior to entering the country.

Provincials nationwide need to submit their application at the Embassy of Japan in Vietnam. For reference, please read the below information for visa application.

If you are short of relevant experience, it is recommended to consult with a visa support office.

Please kindly be noted that maximum stay for temporary vise will be 90 days but some people think of 3 months by mistake.

Baggage and essential extras for your trip to Japan

Don’t forget to weigh your baggage before arriving at the airport to avoid extra fees in case of exceeding baggage allowance. There are 2 kinds of baggage that is checked baggage and hand baggage.

Checked baggage allowance is 20kg while the maximum weight for hand baggage is 7kg. For safety reasons, liquid, knives or scissors must be carried as checked baggage.

  • In order to prevent any losses, all documents required, passport, visa, flight ticket, photos should be kept with passengers on board.
  • Money: VND or USD cannot be used in Japan. Therefore, it is recommended to exchange to Japan Yen.
  • Medicines: If you regularly experience headache or stomachache, you should bring cold, cough, digestion medicine or antipyretic.
  • Personal items (clothes, food and drink): In Japan, it is fairly cold in April and October so we suggest preparing warm clothing. Other personal items such as toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo are necessary to avoid any hassle when your Japanese may not be fluent enough for shopping.

Tips for studying abroad in Japan:

Vietnamese people travel to Japan mainly for studying and the others is for labor export. That’s why it is indispensable for us to provide international students with hands-on experience in booking flight tickets to Japan.

If you travel to Japan for the first time and you have no acquaintances there, it seems to be the best idea to stay in the dormitory and learn about culture and customs as well as everyday life of Japanese people.

It’s a great convenience having a bike. You should make full use of your days off to visit historical sites, tourist attractions, pagodas or commercial complexes. This would bring you exhilarating experiences.

Useful information for buying one-way or round-trip tickets of Vietnam Airlines to Japan

After adequately preparing all required legal documents on application as well as searching airlines and destinations in Japan, you need to choose the most prestigious air ticket agency.

Because there are a great number of agencies, it is highly recommended by the experienced that you should ask your friends or relatives for advice. You can also look for information on the Internet. A respected agency would obtain an explicit transaction address as well as the considerate and highly qualified staff.

It is better for you to call or go to the representative office to gain further information and buying the ticket.

Choosing Beetours ticket agency is my advice to you. This is the top agency in offering flight tickets to Japan. We are willing to make you secure by supplying you with accurate information on airfare, flight routes, break time, visa application procedure and baggage to Japan.

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