Privacy policy

This section describes the range of information that we, Beetours, collect from customers, purposes, usage and tools in order to maximize their confidentiality. We respect the confidentiality of personal information of customers. All information collected is handled and protected properly.


1. How do we collect passenger data?


Information of those who assess the website is collected proactively and passively. Proactive collection is made when customer disseminates their information during ticket purchase, whereas passive collection is acquired when the server automatically records data related to the website including IP address, browser and resolution by means of customer behavior analysis tools in order to produce statistics.


2. Scope of the data to be collected


Customer’s email address is collected during registering for news from Beetours. His/Her information including full name, address, phone number, fax number (optional), company information (optional) and email address is collected during ticket purchase. If he/she pays by credit card, the system will collect data on card number, cardholder name, CVV number and date of expiry of the card (optional). If he/she does not want to receive electronic marketing or promotions from Beetours, he/she can refuse. However, he/she has to provide data such as personal information or credit card details requested by Beetours when making online purchase.


Besides, customer’s personal information can be also gathered by reputable online organizations in order to supplement data, produce statistics and/or analyze online shopping habit. When accessing the website of Beetours, data related to computer connection and Internet browser is automatically updated because of the security.


The website of Beetours pays attention to the deals rather than customer’s personal information, including both proactively and passively collected data. If customer wants to receive promotion news from Beetours, our database will automatically analyze and collect customer travel preferences and offer suggestions. However, those who uses credit cards illegally or constitutes violation of law can be prosecuted and take responsibility before the law. Government-related agencies can identify the location of computer being accessed and prosecute user of this computer.


Collected data includes information on the website leading customer to Beetours, information relate to IP, registration, resolution and other technical issues. Access data consists of related key words, advertisements leading customer to Beetours and final access to Beetours.


3. What do we collect customer data for?


The information about the customer's data is collected in order to complete the process of buying and selling products and services provided at The information collected can also be used to provide products and services that will be developed in the future. In some cases, we may use the information that was provided to the programs to poll clients, advertising campaigns, promotions, product quality references, etc.  


We also will use the data provided for statistical purposes. All process or statistical surveys will be carried out through reputable partners to protect optimal privacy for us and our customers. Based on the data analyzed, we can produce statistics on customer behaviors and preferences to improve the quality of the website and customer’s satisfaction.


4. Transmission of customer information through other units


We commit to only transmit customer data to airlines and direct partners who work with Beetours.


We ensure that customer's data is transmitted only to reliable partners that take no abuse of user privacy on the website of Beetours.  


We pay special attention to the information of customer’s credit card on the website of Beetours. The data related to customer’s credit card is only transmitted to prestigious partners authorized by banks or card operators. Data is transmitted by means of state-of-the-art data encryption tools in order to prevent restricted access (optional).  


We have the right to provide personal data to agencies with lawful requests from the government. We are not allowed to sell information collected about users of our website to different individuals and companies for profits.


5. Communication between Beetours and customers


We are allowed to contact customers when necessary through email, sms, fax, letter, phone and face-to-face meeting to make sales, conduct polls among customers and measure customer’s satisfaction in order to improve the quality of Beetours’ website.  


We contact customers to inform promotions and advertisements from Beetours (they can make registration at any time).


6. Change of personal details and refusal to accept advertisements


Each member of (user) is eligible for seeing and changing his/her personal information on the website To do this, the user must enter the website and sign in with a registered account. The user may be asked to provide some necessary information or prove the sign-in account by activating the registered email.  


Those who have signed up to receive information from Beetours can refuse to receive advertisements at any time or do not allow their personal information to be disseminated to other units exception for online transactions. User can delete the data registered on whenever they want. However, we have the right to store user data in a legal way for the purpose of accounting.


7. Confidentiality


In order to secure customer’s personal data and credit card information, data of communication between customer’s computer and Beetours’ server is encrypted by means of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) (optional).  


Data that is collected and stored in our serve is protected against access with a completely secure password system.


8. Exclusion of liability


All the information on the privacy policy for customers is included in the section Privacy Policy on the website However, in the course of implementation and handling of customer data, we can flexibly implement our Privacy Policy section as long as user privacy is not abused.


We commit to use necessary measures to implement privacy policy. However, we have no obligation to pay compensation for the abuse and incompliance of the privacy without legal requirements from government agencies.


We may offer advertisements and links to other websites. We commit to make efforts to connect with the most prestigious sites for maximum protection of customer’s privacy. However, the privacy policies of these sites are different from ours, so we take no responsibility for them.


9. Data collection agency


Beetours Vietnam Limited Liability Company headquartered in Hanoi, Vietnam. Details of the company are included in the "Contact Us" on the website


10. Change of privacy policy


Privacy policy can be changed to fit the actuality. The changes will be updated on the website

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